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Regular Physics Sample Problems

Columbus Academy

Section I:
The above scale evaulates weight using the Newton unit of measure. Does the scale read 100N, 200N, or Zero.

Section II:
Conceptual Physics

A zookeeper devises a rubberband gun to shoot food to a monkey who is too shy to come down from the trees.

If the monkey does not move, should the keeper aim above, at, or below the monkey?

If the monkey lets go of the branch at the instant the keeper shoots the food, should the keeper aim above, at, or below the monkey to get food to the monkey in mid-air?

In your answers, don't forget to account for gravity, wind resistance, and tension.


Section II:
Newtonian Physics

If a five ton Mack truck and a 1200 pound Volkswagen have a head-on collision, which vehicle will experience the greater impact force?

Jacko, who has a mass of 60 kg and stands at rest on ice, catches a 20 kg ball that is thrown to him at 10 km/h. How fast does Jacko and the ball move across the ice?

Columbus Academy